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Weisberg's Catering

The Weisberg family caters events, weddings, Shabbat and holiday meals of every size, combining classic courses like chicken soup with matzah balls with original recipes like caramelized onion and lentils served with balsamic vinegar and pickled red cabbage. Weisberg’s deli prepares single courses as well as full five course meals.


Bread and Salad Course

homemade humus, tehini, roast eggplant, pickled lemon, marinated cabbage, tabouleh, marinated fennel, halva dip, toasted lentil tabbouleh

Soup course 

chicken pumpkin soup with matzah balls, vegan lentil tomato soup

Main course

smoked pastrami brisket, beef goulash, smoked whole chicken, smoked whole salmon fillet served with Moroccan spiced rice and antipasti


homemade liquors, wine, soda


gluten free coconut pistachio cookies, vegan sugar-free chocolate truffles

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